Bring your mind to center with these all natural blends of pure essential oils. 


Simply fill diffuser with water up to the marked fill line, and add 8-10 drops of essential oil blend. ( may need to adjust the amount of drops added based on the diffuser you use) 


Relief: Bring some relief to your nagging headaches with this blend of rosemary eucalyptus and frankincense. 


Joy: Feel upliftd with this joyful blend of ylang ylang basil and spearmint 


Sleep: Enjoy this calming blend of jasmine lavender clary sage and cedarwood to help you achieve a good nights sleep. 

Calm: Allow this blend of lavender frankincense and bergamot to help your stress melt away 


Focus: Stay focused with this blend of peppermint rosemary and sandalwood 


Awake: Brighten your morning with this eye opening blend of peppermint lemon bergamot and frankincense 

Diffuser Blends